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First WEDNESDAYS with Fletcher Beasley 2017
First WEDNESDAYS – Orchestrators Night Out 2017
First WEDNESDAYS – Managing Your Own Music Publishing 2017
Scott Healey Master Class 2017
ASMAC Luncheon with Grant Geissman 2017
Charles Fernandez Master Class 2017
Bill Conti Big Band Competition 2017
First WEDNESDAYS presents Our Hollywood Heritage, May 3rd, 2017
Monica Mancini and Gregg Fields Luncheon
First WEDNESDAYS with the Engineer’s Round Table 2017
Steve and Julie Bernstein Master Class 2017
First WEDNESDAYS with Dynamic Music Partners 2017
Luncheon with Bob Bain 2017
First WEDNESDAYS with Gretchen Hydo 2017
First WEDNESDAYS Big Brass Night 2016
Nathan Wang Luncheon 2016
Kim Richmond’s November Master Class 2016
Golden Score Awards 2016
First WEDNESDAYS with Allyn Ferguson 2016
Mike Post Luncheon 2016
Steve Porcaro Luncheon 2016
First WEDNESDAYS with Dave Slonaker 2016
First WEDNESDAYS with Jack Smalley and Perry Botkin, Jr 2016
ASMAC “Honors Our Own” Luncheon 2016
Celebrating Women Composers 2016
Jorge Calandrelli Master Class 2016
Dave Black Luncheon 2016
Scott Healy Luncheon 2016
Greg Phillinganes Luncheon 2016
Scott Whitfield/Ginger Berglund luncheon 2016
Big Band Competition Winners Performance 2016
Holiday Brunch 2015 Photos
Roger Kellaway Luncheon 2015
Sally Stevens luncheon 2015
Golden Score Awards 2015 (Set 1)
Golden Score Awards 2015 (Set 2)
Master Class for Writing Woodwind Quintet 2015
Luncheon w/ Gloria Cheng 2015
Luncheon w/ Doreen Ringer Ross & Christopher Lennertz 2015
Master Class with Gordon Goodwin 2015
ASMAC Town Hall Meeting 2015
Richard Bellis Luncheon 2015
ASMAC/LAJS Holiday Party 2014
Sammy Nestico Master Class 2014
Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman Luncheon 2014
ASMAC Summer Luncheon 2014
Ray Parker Jr. Luncheon 2014
Charles Fox Master Class 2014
Ralph Grierson Luncheon 2014
Nick Glennie-Smith Luncheon 2014
Tim Davies Master Class 2014
Jimmie Haskell Roast/Luncheon 2014
The Hollywood Arrangers Luncheon/Master Class 2014
2013 Holiday Celebration Brunch 2013
“Honor Our Own – Grand Dames” Luncheon 2013
75th Anniversary Celebration 2013
Academy Awards Arrangers Luncheon
Van Alexander 1946, CBS Composers 1963
John Altman Luncheon
Doug Besterman/Larry Blank Luncheon
Big Band Panel Luncheon
Perry Botkin Jr. Luncheon
Bruce Broughton Master Class
Richard Carpenter Luncheon
Gene Cipriano Luncheon
Stanley Clarke Luncheon
John Clayton Master Class
Bill Conti Luncheon
Bill Cunliffe Luncheon
Jack Feierman Master Class (on conducting)
Chuck Fernandez/Pete Myers Luncheon
Clare Fischer Luncheon
Bruce Fowler/Walt Fowler Luncheon
Charlie Fox Luncheon
Jack Hayes Luncheon
Lee Holdridge Luncheon
Mark Isham Luncheon
Ron Jones Master Class
Stan Kenton Orchestra 1944
Mike Lang/Abe Laboriel Luncheon
Johnny Mandel Master Class
Hummie Mann Luncheon
Vince Mendoza Luncheon
Walter Murphy Luncheon
Paul Riser Master Class
Bill Ross Master Class
Patrice Rushen Luncheon
Arturo Sandoval Luncheon
Duane Tatro 1945-1970
Video Games Composers Panel Luncheon
Mark Waters Luncheon
Booker White Luncheon
ASMAC Historical Photos
ASMAC Luncheon
ASMAC Holiday Brunch
ASMAC Holiday Luncheon 2009
Golden Score Awards 2010
Golden Score Awards 2008
Golden Score Awards 2006
Golden Score Awards 2005
Golden Score Awards 2004
Golden Score Awards 2003
Golden Score Awards 2001


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