Pete Myer’s Master Class

Feb 7 • Master Class Highlights

Pete MyersPete Myers’ Master Class on January 30, 2016,  “Surviving as an Arranger in the Music Business,” was a special one. We listened and discovered some of the innovative techniques he has developed through the years, as he has travelled through contemporary music with individual artists and big bands and orchestras, music for film and television, and the symphonic world.

Mr. Myers has established a reputation for himself in Hollywood and throughout the world as an unrivaled innovator who constantly probes, experiments and re-invents the boundaries of his singular musical landscapes.

Pete was introduced by ASMAC President Kim Richmond. He gave his background and beginnings in music, and how he entered into the music business. He expertly told many stories about his experiences. Using mixed media, he presented several arrangements as examples of how he adapts and writes for varied ensembles. He also shared tips on how to confront many of the political pitfalls of the business of being an orchestrator, and musical assistant, and free-lance conductor/arranger/composer.


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