Our Hollywood Heritage, May 3rd

May 20 • First WEDNESDAYS Highlights

Photo Credit: Sherry Rayn Barnett

Hollywood’s musical heritage was revisited on Wednesday evening May 3rd, 2017 with the 17th installment of the ASMAC First WEDNESDAYS program. It was a grand evening featuring Hollywood legends: Larry Blank , Bruce Broughton , Ira Hearshen , Lee Holdridge , Bill Holman , Gayle Levant , Pete Myers , Emil Richards , Jack Smalley , Sally Stevens , Duane Tatro , Chris Walden , and Patrick Williams as they helped ASMAC celebrate Our Hollywood Heritage, the theme of the evening.

The festivities opened with a fun potluck dinner and social hour. Live music was provided by the ASMAC All-Star Band with leader and arranger (and ASMAC president) Kim Richmond playing Sax, with Elliot Deutsch on trumpet, Les Benedict on trombone, Dan Ferguson on guitar, Andrew Kesler, Jeff Lass, Scott Healy on piano, Cooper Appelt on bass and Bonnie Janofsky on drums.

Following the dinner hour, the program commenced with a video by past ASMAC president John Clayton followed by the current president Kim Richmond’s warm welcome to all, and an ASMAC event update. Sylvester Rivers spoke about future Master Classes. Next, Glenn Jordan talked about ASMAC workshops and how they were a part of the ASMAC legacy, along with upcoming events. New ASMAC treasurer, Jill Ferguson, spoke about her late father, Allyn Ferguson, who was a past ASMAC member. She is looking forward to continuing the family legacy by serving on the Board with her brother, Dan Ferguson. Then, Local 47 Vice-President and famous studio trumpeter, Rick Baptist , gave a detailed update on the new Local 47 building project in Burbank as ASMAC celebrated the last event at the historic building in Hollywood.

Gayle Levant was the moderator for the evening. A perfect choice for the role as she is not only good friends with all the speakers, she has provided her virtuosic harp performance to hundreds of their combined studio recordings. The first group of six speakers included Bill Holman , Pete Myers , Emil Richards , Jack Smalley , Duane Tatro and Patrick Williams. Priceless stories and cherished memories were shared for an hour that flashed by in the blink of an eye. This portion of the program was wrapped up honoring the 90th birthdays of Bill Holman and Duane Tatro. ASMAC celebrated them with a beautiful cake and song, along with a special performance of Happy Birthday on piano by Gayle.

The second portion of the program featured another legendary line up. They included Bruce Broughton , Ira Hearshen , Lee Holdridge , Sally Stevens , along with former ASMAC presidents Larry Blank and Chris Walden , once again moderated masterfully by Gayle. More amazing stories and memories were shared that are too numerous to recount in this article. Fortunately, the evening was recorded and will be available for ASMAC members, along with the other fantastic First WEDNESDAYS programs at the video section of the ASMAC website .


More photos are available by contacting Sherry: gtrgrapher@aol.com


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