Master Class: Conrad Pope (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

“The Craft of Orchestration From 1930 to Now”

Host: Ira Hearshen

Held at Valley College in October of 2012, this ASMAC masterclass includes a historical look at music orchestration for films. Conrad Pope is the well-known dramatic orchestrator who had worked on virtually every style of production, from the Harry Potter series and Star Trek to Pirates of the Caribbean and Marilyn Monroe films. He has worked for John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman and John Powell, to name a few.

The point is made early on that an orchestrator is very much a composer/creator as well as a craftsman. Also, one must know about the recording business as well as the music business.

The examples covered include “Yankee Doodle Dandy” from the “Golden Age” of orchestrating, stressing creating lines, counterpoint and orchestration. Further areas are the 1950’s acoustic orchestrating, Old School Film Writing of John Williams on the original Harry Potter film (sketching, instrumentation, and how the orchestration unfolds).

Another section is “Orchestrating for the Contemporary ‘Recording’ World,” music of composer Alexander Desplat (creating lines, counterpoint and orchestration). Also recording engineer communication, overdubs (mixing issues), final mixes, stems and splits. At the conclusion there is a discussion centering on two excerpts from Rhapsody in Blue.

There is a wealth of information in this video that is an absolute must for young and old composers alike.


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